Rise of the Runelords

Skin Saw murders week 1
Some disturbing things have been going on in Sandpoint this week. It all started when the sheriff called us into his office monday morning. “It seems we have a murderer in our midst” he proclaimed to us. Since we had been so helpful with the previous goblin threat he proceeded to ask us to investigate a series of murders that had taken place over the last couple of days here in Sandpoint. It seems that Katrine Vinder and her lover had been murdered over at the sawmill. He handed us a piece of parchment that was found at the scene of a triple homicide a few days ago that he now suspected to be connected. Written in blood on the back was Alana’s name. Alana, Desba, Desmond Flynn and myself went down to the prison to interrogate Vhen Vinder, who was really the only suspect that the Sheriff had. We determined after a short investigation that while Vhen was distraught, he was likely not the killer. We decided to go look around at the scene of the crime. It was pretty gruesome. Katrine’s body was split in two, sawn in half on the saw blade, and both her and her lover had claw marks all over their bodies that seemed to not be made by an animal, according to Desba and Desmond. The boyfriend had some odd Thassalonian Rune carved into his chest, it matched up with the necklace Flynn had found down in Thistle top a couple weeks ago. In my mind I thought that perhaps Flynn was the murderer, but I couldn’t see him having the physical strength to rip a mans skin off his face, and pin him to the wall, which was how we had found Katrine’s lover. We went outside to the peir and tracked some muddy footprints, it looked like our killer came from the river, and then left the same way. Desmond and Desba said he was barefoot. We went back to the Stockades to look at the bodies from the first murder, and found a similar rune carved into the chest of one of the victims there, The sheriff had told us that there was a fourth victim who he had had locked up in the Sanitarium. We went to see him. The Sanitariums keeper seemed a bit jumpy but let us see the victim, who recognized Alana almost immediately and spouted out some gibberish about wanting to give her the fever, before ripping off his straight jacket and attacking her. Luckily we were able to subdue him fairly quickly. When we went back to see the Sheriff he had received another visitor from the farms to the south, it seems those farmers knew more about this than they had let on and had thought they could deal with it themselves. They sent a mob up to the Hambley farm, this man was a survivor, he kept on muttering nursery rhymes about mumble mumble scarecrow. He told us to go investigate the Hambley place, we didn’t think we had time to waste. When we got to the farm we noticed a lot of scarecrows a couple of them as they pulled themselves down off of the stakes and pursued us. We were able to beat them off of our backs until we reached the main barn and Farmhouse. Inside a large number of ghouls lept out after us. Desba was knocked to the ground, and Alana disappeared, and we didn’t see her till near the end of the fight. When the dust settled we found a key to the fox-glove manor. I guess we will see what awaits us there—Alek
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